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A good friend dropped in to stay in Oceanside for a week.  He has traveled the world extensively and loves to eat. He eats more selectively these days including lots of salads, so he can splurge when he wants.

After surfing in the morning, he wanted to try Tin Fish near the Pier. Its great outdoor only dining and we both had grilled salmon. He had it on a salad and I had the sandwich. We saved 20% with the Bonus Card and he liked that. The fish was excellent and his desire to go a second time I guess expressed his feelings.

On an afternoon walk we stopped at Rock’n Baja in the Harbor where I had my favorite brew there, Dos Equis Amber on tap and my friend had an American beer. We had my favorite appetizer Tuna Poke which he agreed was excellent. You get 15% off with the Bonus Card

He loved the Stone Brewery downtown on Tremont even though he is not a gourmet beer drinker. We each got the 8 0z samplers and sat in the treed garden with other visitors for an enjoyable taste.

We visited The Flying Pig on Tremont on a Wednesday night and it was packed to the rafters with only one table available and no seating at the bar. We had a flat bread and a pastrami sandwich because they were out of Albacore and I would say we liked the place but the food was not exceptional.

Lunch at Dominic and D’Vino  was a treat.  We sat on the patio over looking the Harbor and I had one of my favorite beers on draft. I had a caesar salad with grilled chicken that was great and he had the same.  The bread sticks soaked in a little garlic butter as a free taster were eaten quickly and the people around us were enjoying delicious looking pizzas. We also saved 20% on the food with the Bonus Card.

Thursday night we hit the street fair and I got my favorite the tri tip sandwich from Hunter’s Steak House and he sampled the Greek food. I notice now that every food booth represents a different nation from Ethiopian to Jamaican. The dessert row of booths is the ultimate and we picked up a piece of key lime cake.

Finally we hit Breakwater Brewery and Sports Bar on a busy Friday night.  I had the Beach Brown ale at 7.4% which was good but not as full as Stone beers but good if you are just beginning to get into the ales. I had an anti pasto salad that was great and he a small salad while we jumped into a fantastic pizza.  We’re evidently not big eaters and they serve a lot of food so most of the pizza came home.

There’s a lot to do in Oceanside and dining treats if you seek them out.


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